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New Updates:

 Wade's is currently in the process of modernizing their business to better serve and reach more customers. This Website, their first Website, orginally created on May 4th 2007, was the first step. There will be many more exciting changes coming soon.













About Us:

Wade retired from over 40 years of "Hands On" House Building in early 1994 and went fishing. After six months of this, Wade was so bored, he decided he must do something with his new found freetime. So he decided to put his past skills to great use by building Storage Buildings. Wade always had the notion that quality should never be sacrificed, so he came up with a design so well founded in structural intregrity, the basic structure has never changed. Why Mess with Perfection? Wade's Storage Buildings has built thousands of Storage Buildings since 1994 and Wade (the owner), the man who always tells everyone how nice it is to be retired, still works six days a week after being retired for more than 20 years.